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DistributorCentral's new responsive website builder allows people of any web design experience to build robust, responsive websites that look great and feature products from DistributorCentral's vast, supplier-maintained product database.

At the 2016 ASI Orlando and PPAI Expo shows, staff members will be on-hand each day of the show to demo the new site builder and help you lay the foundation of a new responsive website of your own.

Come to Booth 461 in Orlando or Booth 4661 in Las Vegas and start with one of our templates. There's no need to be an HTML expert; our web editor is easy to use for beginners and yet powerful enough to provide experienced web designers an array of customization to make your site stand out from the crowd.

Want to get a jumpstart? Check out our new responsive web builder for yourself and get started building your new responsive, mobile-friendly website today!


Effectively Responsive

One of the more trendy buzzwords in business in the past year has been “responsive.” As it relates to technology, the discussion centers around responsive web design (RWD). RWD is an approach to building websites that provides an optimal viewing experience across multiple devices – from desktop computers to a trusty iPhone.

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Google made RWD a critical business issue in April of this year when the search engine announced that non-responsive websites would see a significance decrease in mobile search results. In other words, websites that can be viewed easily on both desktop and mobile devices would outrank sites that do not – pretty important when you consider the client-facing web experience is generally the first impression a potential consumer sees about an organization.

When the same word is applied to sales teams, it has a much different – and often, misinterpreted – meaning.

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brandivate is a full-service executive outsourcing team that specializes in helping small to medium sized promotional products distributors profitably - and responsibly - grow their business. To learn more, visit brandivatemarketing.com.

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In this webinar we will preview DC's new fully-responsive, mobile-friendly website platform that allows your users to easily build and maintain e-commerce websites that adapt to any device. Plus a question and answer session at the end.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016- 3:00pm - 4:00pm CT
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