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September 2015

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Update Products Once, Reach Thousands of Distributors and Buyers

Did you know that our (Pro) Suppliers' product data not only populates DistributorCentral's centralized product research database, but also populates over 8,500 distributor websites via DC's website system and integrates with industry software partners?
DC is proud to list over forty different integrations and partnerships for its customers, including providing product data for Artwork Services USA, commonsku, eBlox, Essent and PromoCorner members. Suppliers, when you make a real-time update to your product in your web-based account you are automatically updating your products on all of these sites as well.  We are eager to announce that our strategic partnerships with these companies have contributed to an over 400 percent increase in overall product views over the past two years!

DistributorCentral also gives you the tools to share your product information with every Service Provider in the industry. That's why most Suppliers maintain their information on DC only and then email the exported data to other Service Providers.
Suppliers who host their company website on DistributorCentral save even more time when it comes to making updates. A simple back-end update on the DC product platform instantly updates product information on their company website as well.

As always, Suppliers have the ability to update information and products in real time just by logging into their web-based account. That's why we say #DCisEasy!

Industry Leaders Gather at North American Leadership Conference and Technology Summit

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DistributorCentral's Jason Nokes, Tiffany Tarr and David Shultz attend the 2015 North American Leadership Conference
Business and technology leaders from industry distributors, suppliers and service providers gathered in Nashville last month for the 2015 North American Leadership Conference (NALC) and the 2015 Tech Summit.

NALC kicked off on Sunday night with a welcome dinner and the presentation of this year's class of PPAI Rising Stars. The subsequent two days consisted of presentations by esteemed leaders in marketing, business, technology and finance as well as numerous networking events where industry leaders had the opportunity to forge new connections and build upon existing relationships.

DistributorCentral was honored to be part of the sessions and participate in discussions relvolving around the industry's growing use of technology.

During the Tech Summit, DistributorCentral President, Jason Nokes, sat on a panel discussing the growing movement to the cloud by industry technology teams. "I was pleased to share our experience in moving our operations to Amazon Web Services and hear about similar experiences from other industry distributors, suppliers and service providers," says Nokes. "This industry has come a long way in the last 10 years and it's great to come to a conference like this and see so many technology leaders from all sides of the industry working together to collaborate on new initatives and ways to move our industry forward from a technology standpoint."

Visit PPAI to learn more about the:
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The Information Game

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In a competitive business environment the most important form of currency is information. Most promotional products distributor owners and salespeople employ some sort of customer relationship management (CRM) database to manage sales opportunities. A database that has contains high quality information serves as an effective tool to help handle accounts as well as understand how many and what types of opportunities are in the sales pipeline at any given time.
However, a database is only as good as the information that has been entered into the system. A lack of information or, even worse, access to bad information will hinder your ability to drive business growth. To keep in touch with prospects and clients, it is essential that your CRM database contains relevant and accurate data. To accomplish this, there are three simple steps:

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brandivate is a full-service executive outsourcing team that specializes in helping small to medium sized promotional products distributors profitably - and responsibly - grow their business. To learn more, visit brandivatemarketing.com.
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Distributor Features Overview Webinar, Hosted by Tiffany Tarr, CAS

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Website Editor Webinar, Hosted by David Shultz

In this webinar we will preview DC's new fully-responsive, mobile-friendly website platform that allows your users to easily build and maintain e-commerce websites that adapt to any device. Plus a question and answer session at the end.

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