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May 2015

DistributorCentral Announces New Responsive Website Platform

DistributorCentral has launched a new version of our corporate website on a brand new, fully-responsive website platform built internally from the ground-up. As the number of users visiting DistributorCentral on mobile devices continues to grow it was important to us to provide a pleasant and useful browsing experience for all users across desktop, tablet and phone.

Even more important was to build our new website on the very same responsive platform that we will soon roll out for all of our distributor and supplier users! That's right, very soon you will have the ability to build your own website on our new platform and provide your customers with the same mobile-friendly browsing experience that we are now providing to you on distributorcentral.com!

The DistributorCentral website is aimed at both current and prospective distributor and supplier customers of DistributorCentral. Visitors can browse our new site to learn about features, pricing, see current news through social media channels, learn about our staff, find support and contact information, and see real-time listings of upcoming webinars.
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Visit on your computer, phone, tablet or all three at www.distributorcentral.com

DistributorCentral kicks off DC Superhero campaign

Do you have an IRON MAN of Technology? A FLASH of Customer Service?
A SUPERMAN of Product Research? Or are you a WONDER WOMAN of Creativity?

We are celebrating "DC Superheroes" in the month of May.
Nominate someone (or yourself) that uses DC everyday for product research, website maintenance or order management.
  1. Send us an Email with a name/address and we'll send them (or you) a DC Superhero t-shirt
  2. Then post a pic to our Facebook page or to our Twitter page @distcentral
Hashtag It - #DCsuperhero

Check out some of the great photos that we've received so far on our Instagram Page!

The Siren Song of eCommerce

brandivate icon
Do you hear the siren song of the company store? If you don't, your clients most certainly do. Over the past few years, interest in selling eCommerce solutions has exploded. As a distributor, the appeal of selling an online company store is alluring but, if not properly researched, executed, and monitored, can lead to a very unpleasant outcome for all- lost revenue, non-moving merchandise, and a soured business relationship.

To avoid the potential negative outcomes of an online store solution, there are three steps every distributor needs to take:

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About brandivate

brandivate is a full-service executive outsourcing team that specializes in helping small to medium sized promotional products distributors profitably - and responsibly - grow their business. To learn more, visit brandivatemarketing.com.

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DistributorCentral announces Barbara Brown's Retirement

We are both happy and sad to announce that Barbara Brown is officially retiring from her position as customer support of DistributorCentral. Barb has been with our company since 2006.

Barb has 23 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. She said she will most likely spend her time helping to take care of and spending time with them after her retirement.

Barb said that what she will miss the most will be DistributorCentral users with whom she spoke every day and also her co-workers. She said she is a people person and just enjoys talking to people.



Distributor Features Overview Webinar, Hosted by Tiffany Tarr, CAS

Wednesday, May 13 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm CT (Register Now!)
Participants will be eligible for a Self-Promo offer from PSI Plastic Graphics!

DC Sponsored Event - Omni Apparel Inc. Open House

Friday, May 8 - 3:00pm - 6:00pm CT (More Info)

Web Editor Training, Hosted by David Shultz

Wednesday, May 20- 1:00pm - 2:00pm CT(Register Now!)


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Custom Color Solutions
San Global

Scrub Authority
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