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April 2015

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4 Reasons to Create Virtual Samples

By: Janelle Powell, Marketing Coordinator, Technologo

1. Virtual Samples are the best way you can engage with your customers online.
Engaged customers are more loyal; they buy more, and they refer more customers to you. These are compelling reasons to make sure that you are engaging with your customers at every opportunity - and interactive images, as delivered by Technologo, are the most effective way of making your website more engaging.

2. Virtual Samples reduce the length of the buying cycle.
When your customers can see their logo on your products, they don't have to imagine what the possibilities are. When you deliver a presentation to your client with all of their prospective merchandise branded with their artwork, they're going to be blown away.

3. Virtual Samples increase efficiency.
Technologo's solutions are cloud-based, so you can create visuals for your clients in the office, your favorite coffee shop, on a plane - even while you're talking to your client. Imagine having a discussion about their upcoming exhibition, and sending them 10 branded product ideas into their inbox before you've even finished speaking! That's the power of Technologo Virtual Samples.

4. Virtual Samples are affordable.
Whether you are a large multinational organization or a sole trader, we have a package to meet your needs. Stand out with the addition of rich media to your website and don't get left behind in the virtual world!

For more about Technologo's virtual sample solutions visit www.technologo.com or
email: info@technologo.com


What's Wrong with "Your Logo Here"

The way people buy merchandise of every variety is in a continual state of evolution. The music industry provides a great example: 1960's - Singles (called 45's) and record albums were purchased at a local record shop using cash or a personal check

1970's - Two new formats - the cassette tape and 8-track tape - were introduced, but still mainly purchased at a store dedicated to music. Cash, check or charge please!

1980's - One format died (the 8-track) and a different one emerged (the CD). Consumers continued to purchase music at record stores, through record clubs, and now through large big box stores like Target or Best Buy. More reliance on checks or credit cards to purchase.

1990's - The CD became the king of traditional music delivery while upstart companies like Napster leveraged the internet to bring music to the masses. Credit or debit cards were the most common form of payment. Unless, of course, if you used Napster. That was free.

2000's - The internet began to radically shift how music was delivered: traditionalists could still buy physical CD's from places like amazon.com while the introduction of the iPod and legal music downloading made getting music faster and easier than ever. Debit or credit cards only.

2010's - Technology continued to advance allowing easier access to music than ever before. Streaming services such as Spotify allow subscribers to control content that is available only in a cloud-based format. Physical manifestations of albums in any format are slowly disappearing.

In just 50 years, how people want to receive music has changed at least 5 times. In that same span, the way people pay for music has changed at least 6 times. Wouldn't it be safe to say that the way your target audience wants to buy and experience promotional products has changed as well?...

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brandivate is a full-service executive outsourcing team that specializes in helping small to medium sized promotional products distributors profitably - and responsibly - grow their business. To learn more, visit brandivatemarketing.com.

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DistributorCentral Marketing Director receives award

On March 2, 2015, at a award ceremony held prior to the TRASA Spring Expo, Stephanie Protz, Marketing Director for DistributorCentral was awarded with TRASA's 2015 Hall of Fame Award.



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